Reservations accepted for our Main Dining Room & Family Table.
Walk-ins welcome on our porch, patio, and Front Dining Room.

Our new Fall menu showcase the freshest flavors of the season. Visit us for dinner to see Chef Woody's latest creations!



Hushpuppy | T&M "hush sauce," B&B pickles 8

Charleston She-Crab Soup | fresh lump crab, sherry, chili oil 12
Smoked Duck Salad | arugula, pear, sweet pepper, granola, Asher Blue cheese 12

Grilled Fall Veg Salad | autumn vegetables, Many Folds brebis. country ham vin 11

Crispy Kale Salad | Lacinato kale, Benton's bacon, pickled green tomato, ranch 10
Smoked Oyster Stew | andouille sausage potato, bacon onion bread, parmesan 12

Meatloaf Meatballs | beef, veal, brown sugar ketchup 9
Hog ‘n Quilts | bbq pork, chive crepes, apple-fennel slaw, GA vinegar sauce 12

Preservation Plate | chef’s daily selection of house-cured or preserved goods MKT




Skillet Cabbage
pork fat, sweet pepper 5
Pickle Plate
chef's choice of veg 6
Brussels Sprouts
preserved lemon, bacon 5
Roasted Beets
'lil moo, olive oil 5
Collard Greens
cured bacon, vidalia onion 5
Baby Turnips
sherry herb glaze 5
Mac ‘n Cheese
Velveeta bechamel 5


Burger | charbroiled house-ground burger, cheddar, bacon jam, “gas station” fries 14
Shrimp ‘n Grits | grilled shrimp, stone ground grits, gouda, tomato-bacon sauce 18

Scallops | hock-braised rainbow chard, pumpkin, pickled sunchoke relish 25

Trout | grilled, herbed pesto, tasso, butternut squash, lemon thyme spaetzle 24

Beef | glazed short rib, roasted potato hash, Benton's bacon, shitake mushroom, roasted pepper, tomato cream 28

Catfish | cornmeal crusted, Carolina Gold rice, andouille sausage, fall field pea Brunswick stew, tartar 22

Chicken | Southern fried, pastured all-natural chicken, choice of side 19
Vegetables | selection of seasonal vegetables & preparations 17
Pork | grilled 12oz chop, slow-roasted apple, red onion, mustard green, cider jus 26

Rabbit & Dumpling | confit rabbit, black pepper dumpling, turnip, carrot, bok choy, red onion pickle 26



Sorghum Toffee Pudding | bourbon toffee sauce, buttermilk ice cream 9
Ice Cream | vanilla, chocolate, bourbon butter pecan 6

Goat Cheese Cheesecake | almond crust, poached pear, port 9
Puddin' | dark chocolate, marshmallow, graham cracker 7

Profiteroles | homemade ice cream filled pastry, smoked chocolate, almonds 8